Elevate Your Natural Beauty

Imagine looking effortlessly radiant, as if you've just applied a hint of lip blush, eyeliner, and woke up with flawless brows - all without the need for daily makeup.

Cosmetic tattooing offers a subtle yet transformative way to enhance your appearance while minimizing your daily makeup routine.

About me

Hello, My name is Maria and I'm a passionate artist and seasoned entrepreneur deeply immersed in the beauty world. From early artistic talents to advanced training, I've honed my skills, starting as a traditional tattoo artist in Arizona. I mastered techniques like tattooing and soft shading, laying the foundation for my journey into Permanent Makeup Artistry.

Teaching in the PMU realm has become my passion, driving constant innovation. With a focus on precision, I've crafted a unique approach to eyebrow shaping, simplifying the process for symmetrical arches.

Whether it's enhancements or learning from me, expect top-notch quality. I'm dedicated to delivering exceptional services and enriching courses that go beyond expectations. Welcome to a world of artistry and excellence!



Here is how the Permanent Makeup process works

Appointments can range from 2-3 hours

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View our outstanding work on social media, highlighting before, after, and healed results. Our unwavering commitment ensures consistent excellence in every procedure. For a permanent makeup appointment, book directly on our website. Your comfort and confidence are our top priorities. Contact us with questions or concerns. Consultation are available for personalized guidance.



During your appointment, we will analyze your bone structure, skin type, muscle considerations, review any reference photos, and determine the optimal technique & shape with your approval before we begin.

Color & Pigment


Next we will expertly blend and customize your ideal color, ensure you're comfortably numb, and proceed with the pigment application. Rest assured, you should experience minimal to no discomfort throughout the entire service.

Perfecting Session

In 4-6 weeks after your initial session, you'll be fully healed and ready for the perfecting session. During this appointment, we can enhance the color, blend, or darken as needed, and adjust the size if desired. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Explore Our Services:

Currently Booking Peoria AZ ONLY

At our studio, we offer a range of exceptional services, including Microblading, Nano Strokes, Eyeliner Tattoo, Lip Blush, Ombre Powder Brows, and Minimalist Tattoos.

Permanent Eyebrows

Experience a Range of Lasting Eyebrow Solutions: Powder Shading, Microblading, Combo Brows, and Nano Strokes.

Our process starts with a thorough assessment of your skin type, allowing us to recommend the most suitable and enduring treatment method for you. Your journey to impeccable brows begins with understanding your unique needs and crafting a solution that fits seamlessly. 2 HOURS

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Currently Booking Peoria AZ

Permanent Eyeliner

Options for your permanent eyeliner range, from subtle natural styles featuring delicate wings or wedges to enhancing your natural lash line. Decide between upper eyeliner alone or both upper and lower eyeliner for a stunning transformation.

Eyeliner designs are meticulously personalized to suit your unique eye shape. 2-3 HOURS

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Permanent Lip Color

Our Lip Blush technique adds a custom color tint to your lips, enhancing their natural beauty while giving you the freedom to choose your ideal shade.

After healing, enjoy a subtle, matte lipstick-like finish that frames your smile with elegant charm. But the beauty doesn't stop there! Add lip gloss or balm for a glossy pop and perfectly moisturized lips. 3 HOURS

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Eyebrow Pigment Lift

Pigment lightening sessions, featuring two distinct approaches for pigment lifting and rejuvenation:

1. Antioxidant Fruit Acids Technique:

- A safe, 3-step process to gently lift tattoo pigment from the skin.

- Active ingredients derived from antioxidant-rich fruits.

- Minimal redness on the eyebrow area for the first day, with makeup application possible after 24 hours.

2. Hypertonic Saline Lightening Solution:

- A powerful and chemical-free solution for effective pigment lightening.

- No acids or harsh chemicals.

- Requires 7 days of makeup-free, clean care post-treatment.

Both methods prepare your eyebrows for future enhancements and reshaping with fresh pigment. Benefits include:

- Lightening of old pigment.

- Scar tissue softening.

- Improved skin texture in the eyebrow area.


The number of sessions needed varies based on the existing pigment's darkness. We typically recommend starting with two sessions, one of each type 4 weeks apart, for an initial assessment. Our experts will evaluate pigment saturation and estimate the required sessions.

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Lift Sessions

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Eyebrow shaping products

shadow effect
shadow effect
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Comprehensive In-Person Training

When you enroll in our in-person course, you will receive access to the corresponding online course for a seamless learning experience.

During the in-person sessions, you'll master color theory, artistic techniques, problem-solving skills, social marketing, and the essentials of launching your own business.

Intimate In-Person Classes

Experience our intimate and collaborative in-person classes with a limited enrollment of 2-3 students, and no minimum requirement per class. This ensures dedicated one-on-one attention from our skilled instructor.

No Licensing Barrier

We welcome aspiring permanent makeup artists regardless of their background; no prior Esthetician or Cosmetologist license is required to embark on this exciting journey.

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Virtual consultation


Experience the Future of Beauty Consultations with our Virtual Brow Consultation!

Ready to discover your perfect brow look from the comfort of your own space? Our virtual consultation is just a few clicks away. Simply book a session, share 2-3 pictures of your face, and let our expertise do the rest. We'll generate a realistic simulation of how a permanent eyebrow procedure could enhance your eyebrows. Your journey to stunning, tailored brows starts here!

What makes this innovation even better is that a portion of your virtual consultation fee will be applied towards your procedure cost when you choose to schedule an appointment with us!

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